Reading in 2016

Really looking forward to taking on this Reading Challenge this year, curated by Modern Mrs Darcy.

She has aimed it at devoted readers and aspiring readers who love to read (or want to read more) but don’t believe reading is a competitive sport.  I agree that reading is not a race but have found it useful to set myself goals.  I tried to get through 50 books in 2015, and managed 39, which I was pretty pleased with.  I’m going for 50 again in 2016.

Source: The 2016 Reading Challenge.

15 thoughts on “Reading in 2016

  1. I love reading and often don’t have enough time. I am just finishing a book I got for Christmas from my mum, a local crime story and the setting is in my hometown in Germany where I grew up, it is great I know all the places the characters are visiting.

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    1. Hello Ute, thanks so much for your comment, and for all your likes on my other posts. I know exactly what you mean about the pleasure of reading something where you know the location – I enjoy Scottish books for the same reason, or books set in places I have visited for that matter. I also know what you mean about the difficulty finding time to read – I seemed always be in that position, which is why I have set myself some goals. It seemed to work pretty well last year, so I am giving it another go this year! 🙂

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  2. This sounds like a great idea, sadly my reading is too haphazard to be tied down to certain books my mind is as wayward as shopping trolley wheel. I love forward to hearing how you get on.

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    1. Hiya – thanks so much for checking out the new blog – really appreciate it! I know what you mean about being tied down and can empathise – I have a total butterfly mind and in a way, this is why I have gone for this approach because I was finding I was starting loads of books and never finishing them because I was flitting off to the next shiny new thing…! We’ll see how it works out – I shall report in due course 🙂


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