How to Breathe

One of my sure-fire ways to get calm and de-stress is to step into an art-gallery and immerse myself among the beauty that lies therein.

It is as if the paintings reach out to me – let us help you, they say.  Let us tell you stories and show you wonderful things to wash away your troubles.

The Sapphire Sea: Arthur Melville (on loan to the National Galleries of Scotland)


We are so lucky here in Scotland to have an abundance of superb galleries offering a constant supply of succour.

The National Galleries of Scotland are currently exhibiting works by Arthur Melville.  What treasures.  What riches there are on offer in this marvellous collection.

If you are in this neck of the woods and have not yet seen the exhibition, do try and catch it before it closes on 17 January 2016.

Meanwhile, we are in for some treats during the rest of this year at the National Galleries.  I am particular looking forward to this exhibition in the summer.   as the programme shows.  And who knows what will be on offer at the smaller and local galleries – will there even be time to draw breath, I wonder? 🙂

14 thoughts on “How to Breathe

  1. Oh, Liz – I do agree with you. Art allows our mind to embrace the here and now. There is a deep and profound sense of engagement with the art, artist and our personal creativity.

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    1. Yes! I went to the exhibition with my Mum & we both stood looking at this picture for ages, studying all the intricate details and then stepping back to see the effect of the whole – it really is stunning 😀

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      1. Oh wow – this looks fabulous,and yes I can totally see why you would make the link. Apparently Melville made many trips to Cairo, and his scenes of life in the city are amazing.

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