Sisterly Love

I have one sister, Rachel. She is four years younger than me.

We used to hate each other when we were kids!  But now it is the complete opposite.  We are very close and speak/FaceTime nearly every day.  This is a fridge magnet she bought me ages ago and I love looking at it every day.


My husband thinks it astonishing that we seem to find so much to talk about. Of course, the reality is that we don’t really cover much at all – we just like nattering together.  When I finish a FaceTime session with her, my conversation with him goes something like this:

Hub: you were speaking to Rach for a nice long time – how is she?

Me: oh fine, you know, the usual

Hub: any news?

Me: no, not really, nothing much going on

Hub: but you were speaking for over two hours – you must have discussed something!!

Anyway, I am very excited because this coming Thursday I am travelling down south for a visit with Rachel, and her two kids – my 9 year old niece Lucy and my 15 year old nephew Mitchel.  Because they live so far away, we don’t get to meet up in person that often, so all time spent together is very special.

I will be taking down with me our Christmas presents to Lucy and Mitchel.  I agreed with Rachel that it would be nice to hand them over in person. So I am desperately trying to get this cape finished for Lucy before I go. It is very nearly there – just the hood to go…



I have other presents for her in case I don’t manage it. And for Mitchel we have bought him the latest computer game he has his eye on, so I think that will do the trick.  I have long given up trying to impress him with knitted items!!

I am also making the most of being at the other end of the country to spend a few days with some friends I have not seen for a couple of years.  They live in a beautiful, rugged part of Cornwall, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.  Although, having said that, it does not really matter about the weather – the important thing will be spending time with my friends, whatever we end up doing.

It is Rachel’s birthday while I am staying with her, so even more reason to celebrate.  For me it is definitely the case that “in the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips” (author unknown). 😀

10 thoughts on “Sisterly Love

  1. Funny, since my sister and I are apart we have the best relationship too. I love her to bits and she is the best too ( well my only one) She is older than me and sweetly looks out for me! ….and we talk for hours too… but not that often though! 🙂
    Enjoy your sister and family, you’ll have a great time!

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