How to be calm


The Lace Maker by Johannes Vermeer

I was interested to read this article by BBC Culture about the painter Johannes Vermeer and his world-famous painting Girl With a Pearl Earring.

The picture is due to return to The Hague soon and so once again is attracting yet another surge of attention.

You can see why from this wiki link – it is beautiful and beguiling.

I love Vermeer’s work. My favourite of his pictures is The Lace Maker which hangs in The Louvre in Paris.  Isn’t this just the most serene and exquisite thing? One is moved to silence when looking at it so as not to disturb her at her work. I love this image so much that I have it with me as I type – in the form of a bookmark – you can see it in my photo on this post.

I find that the beauty and calm of the image help me achieve stillness in myself.  Perfect for getting ready to read, or live, for that matter 😀

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