Makes you think No. 2

If you are like me, you may well browse a whole load of stuff on the internet one way or another.

It is sometimes hard to take any or all of it in. But this article made me stop. More plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050? Gulp.

If you read the World Economic Forum’s report highlighted in the article, the research suggests this is a possibility if action is not taken now. However, there is hope. The majority of the report focuses on how steps can be taken to move the plastics economy into a different place, away from the current majority one-use situation, to an increased recycling/multi-use society.

Let’s get busy, folks 😀


7 thoughts on “Makes you think No. 2

  1. Only pictures like that makes us think. Well if everyone did their bit for the environment it would be a nicer world. It is education form day one really, teaching the children to start with.

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  2. Plastic is such a disaster for the planet, from it’s resource-devouring and pollution-generating creation to it’s seemingly inevitable trip to the sea. I recently learned that often when we recycle we are merely putting the useless containers onto a ship that travels to China. Apparently they melt it down there and make new plastics? I’m a little foggy on the details but we all know what is happening to their air and rivers. Along the way a great deal of it floats off the ship and into the waves. And then the nurdles are made there, and shipped here, also shedding into the sea in the process. The only real way for us to deal with the problem is stop accepting plastics in and surrounding the products we buy. It isn’t easy, though. I recently asked my favorite restaurant to just put my sandwich in a container I brought from home, not in the styrofoam they use. No dice~the manager actually refused!

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    1. It really is a challenge, isn’t it. I recall some years ago reading about a family who were so brilliant at recycling that they had their dustbin emptied only once a year – stunning and impressive. Imagine if we all managed to get to that point….


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