“The man in the arena…”

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I wrote a few days ago about the Brené Brown course I am taking.  The cornerstone of the whole thing is this famous quote from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt about the struggles by the ‘man in the arena’.

I love this poster by Gavin Aung Than, aka Zen Pencils, which sums up Brené’s passion and commitment to the cause of daring greatly.

You can see her original TED talk here, which was really the start of everything.

And check out this brilliant animated clip of Brené talking about empathy. Her expertise, humanity and humour come pouring through.


10 thoughts on ““The man in the arena…”

  1. I have always believed that fear in general is the greatest inhibitor to enjoying a fulfilling life. I am so proud of my two daughters who are tremendously caring, brave and striving individuals.

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  2. When I approach a difficult situation I ask myself, “what would I do if I weren’t afraid.” It changes my perspective, and gives me permission to look for a broader range of solutions. I agree with Joan, “fear in general is the greatest inhibitor….”

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  3. I already have the Ted Talk bookmarked on my laptop as it is such an inspiring lecture. She talks of her struggles and her failures and we know she is telling the truth. We can empathise with her and then….. she points the way ahead! I love the animated clip.

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