Crochet Love

As part of dipping my toe in the waters of my grand yarn sort-out (see my post about cataloging here), I reminded myself about a rather lovely crochet project I started many moons ago.

It is this crochet tunic:

Periwinkle Crochet Tunic by Marie Wallin
Periwinkle Crochet Tunic by Marie Wallin

Titled ‘Periwinkle’, it was designed by Marie Wallin (one of my favourite designers) for Rowan and originally published in their Magazine number 41:

Rowan Magazine number 41
Rowan Magazine number 41

The yarn recommended for this pattern is Rowan Calmer – what a lovely name! I bought it in this lovely deep red shade:

My Rowan Calmer stash
My Rowan Calmer stash

As you can see, I originally made a small number of the motifs.

Flowers (unblocked!)
Flowers (unblocked!)

But then I must have got distracted, and over the years, I have also used some of the yarn for some other projects as experiments (!). So I don’t have quite enough of the red to finish this off as things currently stand, especially as I would quite like to extend the design to make it longer, finishing perhaps at the mid-thigh point. So I have in theory a few options:

  • I can omit the sleeves;
  • I can attempt to source more of the same yarn, accepting that it is highly unlikely to be from the same dye-lot, and thus taking a chance that any colour variation does not show up too much;
  • I can look for more Calmer in a contrasting colour, perhaps for the borders and belt;
  • I can integrate a different but similar yarn altogether, again in a contrasting colour, for the borders and belt.

As this yarn is now discontinued, the latter option is my most likely bet, particularly as I have such a wide range of different yarns already in my stash!!  I think I will have a go at making some of the motifs in some sample yarns and see how I get on.  I will report again in due course. 😀








12 thoughts on “Crochet Love

  1. The colour you chose for this beautiful pattern is gorgeous. I too would want the tunic a little longer and I might not choose to make the belt. I hope you manage to finish it this time. I have a basket full of unfinished projects all started before my younger daughter was born!

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  2. Beautiful yarn and pattern. I am sure your stash will come to the rescue. I love the short cardigan featured on Rowan. I don’t suppose you could use your yarn for that, and add a few of the flowers to it? Then next year when you have used up your stash, you could splash out and buy new yarn for the crochet project?

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    1. That cardigan is very pretty, isn’t it. Rowan’s designers produce such wonderful things – every time a new magazine arrives, I usually feel that I could make every single pattern in the book. I like your idea of finding something else to do with the yarn and coming back to the tunic with a new batch in due course – will ponder that one, thank you 🙂

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      1. And I am sitting here looking at my tiny stash of vintage cottons/silks and wondering how old the Lister &Co knitting silk, shade no 29, might be? Strange to think this tiny little reel of silk came all the way from Bradford, possibly nearly a 100 years ago.


      2. Amazing! Do you plan to sew with it, or keep it as a beautiful ornament? By the way, I am just in the process of ordering the ingredients to bake your Orange & Coconut cake for friends at the weekend 🙂

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      3. I don’t really know. I was planning to sell it on our NZ equivalent of ebay, which is called Trade Me. Oh, great that you are going to try the cake. I found it improved after the first day. It was deliciously moist.

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      4. I have just recently sold a couple of handbags on Ebay – I found it to be so stressful!! I know loads of people do it all the time, but never again for me 😦

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