“Overnight Oatmeal”

I love a good breakfast, particularly when there is minimal effort involved in preparing it. This is probably one of the reasons why Hub and I really enjoy eating out for breakfast so much at weekends – we are spoilt for a choice of fabulous eateries to visit here in Edinburgh.  Why would we bother to stay in?!?

Of course one cannot dine out all the time and it is fun to look for ways to enliven this most important of food events.

I am very partial to oats and am quite happy with a delicious bowl of porridge. So I am in the right part of the world, am I not!  Take a look at The Porridge Lady’s website for a huge range of porridge-related fun and facts if you fancy more info about this more noble of dishes,

But even more convenient is to make up the night before what many call ‘overnight oatmeal’ – all you have to do is open the fridge door, grab a spoon and start tucking in. What could be simpler?

Some of my favourite recipes are inspired by Sara Lynn Cauchon aka The Domestic Geek.  Check out her two YouTube videos below, each with five different yummy overnight oatmeal options.

I have made a variation on the blueberry recipe – add to the basic mix: blueberries; honey; vanilla extract; and cinnamon.  So good!!  I don’t think you can really go wrong with combinations of your favourite ingredients. I am looking forward to trying some of her other ideas, although I probably will omit the jam where this is specified because I am trying to limit sugar in my diet at the moment.

And if you would like more inspiration, here’s a link to 20 more variations….  In fact, Pinterest is packed with ideas for this kind of thing, and I think once you get the general idea, the world’s your lobster, as you might say. Enjoy! 😀

8 thoughts on ““Overnight Oatmeal”

  1. Oh dear, that’s an advance on my overnight oatmeal. I cook up salt, water, oats before I go to bed, then leave the pot on the bench. Morning time, it’s heaped into my plate and zapped in the microwave. There are times when I am more adventurous though. I liked the porridge lady’s use of marmalade on porridge.

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  2. Breakfast, I always thought that was a mythical meal. I may have to go and explore it when I don’t forget about it, as I often do what with the lack of time one gets a day.

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    1. I don’t think I could manage without breakfast – I would be chewing my own arm off by mid-morning, or at least be putting my face in naughty stuff like handfuls of cake & chips!!

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