Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipe?

Yes please!!

Here’s a meal that Hub and I are rather addicted to at the moment – Prawn and Coconut Laksa.  It has all the right ‘ingredients’:

  • quick
  • healthy
  • easy
  • very tasy

What’s not to like?

I took this photo of all the actual ingredients tonight before getting stuck in. But so eager was I to get on with it, that I left out two key things: garlic and coconut oil.


They are included in this photo showing everything chopped up and ready to go.


Apart from obviously doubling up the recipe for two people, I have made a couple of other variations, as one does:

  • I include a leek for extra bulk, flavour and general oomph.  Not authentic, I am sure, but it works;
  • I don’t add as much stock as stated in the recipe because it makes things too liquid – we find it nicer to have a slightly thicker sauce;
  • I use two red chillies, but that’s just our taste.  The coconut milk makes sure that all the flavours combine together in a beautifully mellow way;
  • I use cooked prawns for speed.

Apart from that, I follow the recipe to the letter!!

This is not the prettiest dish to photograph, but I can assure you it smells and tastes delicious. Why not give it a try? 😀


14 thoughts

  1. Looks yummy. I am laughing with you re the missing ingredients. Last night I decided to cook beetroot to go with our meal. So put beetroot in pot, and then forget to turn on element. 20 minutes later, I turn on the element. Beetroot cooks. I serve dinner. Forget to plate the beetroot, until we are half way through the meal!

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  2. Oh, Liz, this sounds delicious and healthy~just the right sort of dish to serve right now. I just learned that my ex has been diagnosed with diabetes 😦 and he needs help making better choices. This will start him off right! Thank you for passing it along.


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