Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipe?

Yes please!!

Here’s a meal that Hub and I are rather addicted to at the moment – Prawn and Coconut Laksa.  It has all the right ‘ingredients’:

  • quick
  • healthy
  • easy
  • very tasy

What’s not to like?

I took this photo of all the actual ingredients tonight before getting stuck in. But so eager was I to get on with it, that I left out two key things: garlic and coconut oil.


They are included in this photo showing everything chopped up and ready to go.


Apart from obviously doubling up the recipe for two people, I have made a couple of other variations, as one does:

  • I include a leek for extra bulk, flavour and general oomph.  Not authentic, I am sure, but it works;
  • I don’t add as much stock as stated in the recipe because it makes things too liquid – we find it nicer to have a slightly thicker sauce;
  • I use two red chillies, but that’s just our taste.  The coconut milk makes sure that all the flavours combine together in a beautifully mellow way;
  • I use cooked prawns for speed.

Apart from that, I follow the recipe to the letter!!

This is not the prettiest dish to photograph, but I can assure you it smells and tastes delicious. Why not give it a try? 😀


14 thoughts on “Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipe?

  1. Looks yummy. I am laughing with you re the missing ingredients. Last night I decided to cook beetroot to go with our meal. So put beetroot in pot, and then forget to turn on element. 20 minutes later, I turn on the element. Beetroot cooks. I serve dinner. Forget to plate the beetroot, until we are half way through the meal!

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  2. Oh, Liz, this sounds delicious and healthy~just the right sort of dish to serve right now. I just learned that my ex has been diagnosed with diabetes 😦 and he needs help making better choices. This will start him off right! Thank you for passing it along.


    1. Really sorry to hear that news. You are very welcome to this recipe and I hope it helps in some small way. I am finding Madeleine Shaw’s work to be very accessible on cutting out sugar and eating more healthily, in case that is of interest – see http://madeleineshaw.com


      1. Yes, I can confirm that they are! I have her first book – Get The Glow – it is super. Really inspiring. It has helped me virtually give up sugar (recent baking notwithstanding 😀 ). I am excited that she has another one coming out in April…


      2. Yes, I’m with you! Especially recipe books – I adore adding to my ever growing collection of cookery books. I really like browsing through them, as well as actually cooking from them of course!


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