More Joy

I’ve been doing some more pottering in my emerging girl-cave this morning, in anticipation of finishing off ‘project pantry‘ at some point.

I was delighted to see how lovely and sunny the room is first thing in the morning.  I already knew that the kitchen gets the sun, but I have never really thought about what sort of light there is in the pantry.  What a lovely happy room this is going to be.


By the way, in case you are wondering why I have left the bucket and bowl in the left-hand corner, it is because our boiler is occasionally prone to fits of pique and leaks.  We treat it like a pet and talk to it nicely, so it is mostly our friend.  But every now and again it throws a wobbly, and we have to be ready.  Perhaps when I am in there more often it will feel even more loved.

Anyway, I have had fun today putting out a few kooky bits and some art stuff to inspire me about the possibilities of this space, together with an assembly of inspirational and thought-provoking reading matter to go with my most favourite cookery books.

All very pleasing work in progress. 🙂

19 thoughts on “More Joy

  1. Who’d have thought that space could turn out so well. It’s great. Also, in the last blog it was so nice to catch a glimpse of that beautiful baby dress you made with your own hand made lace, done when you were only 16 years old. Proud of you but then you know that. xx

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    1. I know – it’s great isn’t it. And little did I know that I could get so excited about having my own little area. I was saying in a comment to one of my friends that I got quite nostalgic about seeing all the things I had collected over the years and yes, that dress is very cute, isn’t it. Amazing to think how young I was when I made it. I would love to have another go at lace-making and may well see if there are any local classes perhaps – I still have the pillow that Christine or Maureen (can’t remember which!) sourced for us all that time ago. xxx

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  2. Oh, I do love your progress reports! You are inspiring me on this side of the world. Just stopped to pick up some delighting boxes to hold my ‘photos’ – will post photos soon. Have a wonderful day – you make mine pure sunshine.

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    1. What a wonderful friend you are 😀🌸 I love your encouragement, thank you! I can’t wait to see your photos – I am sure they will be fabulous 😀🌺❤️📸

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  3. I must try to find some space for me at home too! Your pantry is beginning to look more feminine already. Will you still call it the pantry when you have ‘moved in’? ‘Liz has been in the pantry all morning – I haven’t liked to disturb her’.

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    1. Firstly, yes I highly recommend looking out for some ‘me’ space – now that I have some, I did not realise how much I would value it. And secondly, what a great question about the name – will have to ponder that one. Perhaps when I am sitting in there working, playing, whatever, I shall have to ask myself whether it feels like I am ‘in the pantry’ and if not, where else it feels like! 🖼🌸

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    1. No – the boiler & central heating generally are a new addition to the property. It dates to around 1850 and there are fire-places in each of the main rooms (the cooker is in the place of the fire in the kitchen). The pantry room sort of sticks out proud from the main building, which is why we think it would have been used as a cold-store for food etc. It is so interesting thinking about old buildings, isn’t it. 😀

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      1. Exactly! Steve says he is happy for me to spend as much time in there as I want as long as I churn butter as well as my hobbies!! 😀

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  4. The buttery is looking wonderful Liz! So calm and colourful. I love the parrot eraser. Are your mugs designed by MJ Forster by any chance? He is a wonderful artist and I would love to buy some of his work and your mugs look a bit MJF-ish

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