Sugar with your technology, Sir?

I recently posted on Instagram the following ‘sign of the times’.  It really is so noticeable these days, isn’t it, how glued we have all become to technology.


I have also come across numerous articles about the modern problem of ‘text neck’.  Here is one example.  Here’s another.

Incredible, isn’t it?  Yet, as I sit here typing these words, I can feel the tension in my own neck and shoulders and I know that, although I am not necessarily peering at my phone all day, I am also not the best model for good posture. If the medical articles are right, we seem all too easily to become addicted to our devices; like sugary drinks, it can be hard to say no.  People are becoming slaves of the very technology that is supposed to be helping them.

So what is the answer?  Sure, there is advice and various tips in the articles about stretching, exercising, hydrating etc. But perhaps something a little more drastic is in order?

Something which seems to be gathering traction is the idea of replacing one’s smart phone with a ‘dumb phone’.  Yes – people are ditching their iPhones and Samsung Galaxys (other models are available) in favour of a good old Nokia or the like.

According to James Brown, it has brought him peace of mind and a sense of freedom.  Dave Batson feels he has a simpler life.

I’m really pleased for them, and if this is their optimal solution, then so be it.  For me, though, this makes the problem seem too black and white.  As if a single issue can be resolved with just one answer.  Life is more complicated than that.

In any event, I think we should push ourselves to rise above this challenge.  Surely it is not beyond us to own tools which we have the power to put down when we want to do other things?  Or from which we can step away to avoid making us sick?  Let’s put living first, supported by whatever helps us to achieve our best selves, meeting our goals, aspirations, and values.


13 thoughts on “Sugar with your technology, Sir?

  1. I usually hang on to my devices for as long as I can squeeze life out of them, which with good care can be a long time. I feel as though I am in control of my technology EXCEPT for when companies and Govts step in and take that control away from me. For example, I had a functional simple mobile phone but the telcos switched to a 3G service which meant my phone became useless. I had an excellent laptop using XP…..guess what, the XP support was taken away. I had perfectly good TV and reception but the Govt switched us all over to digital. Now I need extra gadgets to get TV programmes. The next thing to be fiddled with/upgraded is the broadband. We are being quietly nudged into ultra fast Fibre broadband. So as is the case with cigarettes or sugar, it isn’t always the consumer who is at fault. 🙂 LOL, anyone ready for a class suit against Telcos and Govts for forcing us to adopt new technology which is possibly damaging to our health? 😀 😀 😀

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  2. A lot of willpower is needed to get away from the phone. I have mine always on silent as I cannot use it at work, and at home I forget to switch it back, It never goes in the bedroom and I am not dependent on it. I use it mainly for taking pictures, it is my camera.
    We are in control so if we are hooked it is us ourselves to blame.

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  3. Well said, Liz! I must confess that I haven’t got and have never had a smart phone! I just haven’t ever got around to getting one. I am happy with my old phone (pay-as-you-go Nokia with no internet and no facility for sending photos either!) and my laptop which I use in the evening after cooking the evening meal. I am the butt of a few jokes, especially from my brother who can’t understand why I put up with my old phone. I expect I’ll get a smartphone eventually but I’m sure it won’t stop me from living my life.

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  4. I don’t feel the same attachment to my device. I love it but I have no problem putting it down because I really hate the things… I HATE THEM! Ok I don’t really even own a cell phone! I have a track phone for emergencies only! LOL I do have a Kindle but it never rings so I’m sane! GREAT POST! Im going directly to my daughter to nag her about text neck!

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    1. So glad you liked the post. Great that you can disconnect from your devices so easily and yes, Kindles are fab aren’t they. Hope your daughter sees the light, lol! 🙂

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      1. I think she will she’s a sensible girl. When I asked her about text neck she informed me that she usual is in bed on her phone… I don’t know if that’s better or not LOL!!!

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