Boxes in Bath

Mum and I went to the historic city of Bath today. I wrote about Bath and its Famous Roman Baths recently. We did not go for the healing spa properties. We did not even go for the Jane Austen links, although it is wonderful to be in a city so closely associated with this classic author.

No. We were hunting out a wonderful exhibition of Impressionist painting at the Holburne Museum.

But we unexpectedly came across something that Hub would have been pleased about. He is fascinated by the history of post boxes. You can read some information about this here – I had no idea that so much of the  history of the UK’s postal system is linked to Bath.

Here is a picture of one of the original post boxes still in situ in Great Pulteney Street:


Here is one of the stunning buildings in Great Pulteney Street itself and one of the “Austen-esque’ iconic side streets:

Finally, no post about Bath would be complete without a view of one of Bath’s most classic views – Pulteney Bridge, completed in 1774 – shown here in rather dour weather, and with the River Avon extremely turbulent and swollen from all the recent rain we have had. It still looks great though, doesn’t it! 😀




8 thoughts on “Boxes in Bath

  1. I love Bath. I really marvelled at the wonderful use of the Bath stone . I really enjoyed the fashion museum at the Assemby Rooms . Really worth seeing

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