Yarn Mountain

OMG.  No, really.  I have had an official OMG moment this afternoon.  I decided to embark on Le Grand Projet, aka sorting out my yarn, so that I could properly catalogue it for my efficient and tidy new Knitter’s Notebook (see my previous post on this here).

I have all my yarn stored in handy boxes like this one:


There are eight of them.  I managed to get through four today, and when I say ‘get through’, I mean get out all the contents, make a list, tidy it all a bit and put it away again.  That took me about two hours!

The more alert among you will have noticed that there are another four to look through.  After that, I will need to go back and try to match up the yarn with likely patterns.  Who knows how much time that might take me, let alone actually knitting all this yarn up into actual things.

So what have I found so far?  It pretty much divides into two main camps plus a couple of hangers-on.  First, there is the yummy, oh so delicious sets of yarn just waiting to be given a project.

Here are some examples:

And second, there are the piles of ‘odds and ends’, assortments of yarn left over from blankets, toys, multi-colored whatever projects.  Enough of each ball to make it worthwhile hanging on to, or the yarn being sufficiently special or a delightful colour to make me want to keep it – for now anyway:

Finally, there is an assortment of started projects at various stages: some where I have ripped back the initial stitches to begin again, some where I am at some point in the middle, and some where I am tantalizingly near the end.  The picture you can see of the rust-coloured cable work is the front of a cushion, which also has its back.  I got this far about five years ago, I think, and this poor sad project has been waiting ever since for me to complete the simple task of knitting a narrow cabled border to attach around the four edges.  I have decided to tackle this once and for all and put it out of its misery.

So, there you go.  An initial glimpse at my yarn stash.  More to come on Le Grand Projet in due course. 🙂


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