Unexpected Bird Watching

I had a lovely treat today. I saw my first bullfinches. Yay!

For anyone not familiar with these birds, here is a link to a google page of bullfinch images.  As you can see, the male of the species, as is often the case, is particularly gorgeous.

I was on the telephone and was standing looking out of the window of our front room. Right before my eyes, a beautiful pair of bullfinches delicately danced in the trees opposite. I wanted to get off the phone and shout to Hub to come and look, but I couldn’t. I had to carry on my conversation, all the while enjoying the spectacle.

Even if I had not been on the phone, I doubt that I would have been able to take a sufficiently good photograph of them to post here – they did not stand still for long and were too far away. So I have enjoyed whiling away an hour or so creating this picture on my iPad using an art app (Adobe Sketch) and a watercolor function. I have very limited art experience, but I enjoyed producing this little piece nonetheless. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Unexpected Bird Watching

    1. Thanks Mum. I actually did this while lounging in the front room! But we have excavated various art equipment from the box room so I can start being more creative in my room 😀🎨


  1. They are stunning birds aren’t they! We saw one about a year ago, then none till the end of January when I was staking out the garden for the Big Garden Birdwatch with the binos, and saw three! A male and two females. Also a song thrush! It’s so wonderful to think of them being around all the time. I wonder if yours are nesting nearby?

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    1. Hi Liz, yes I love all the various varieties of Finches. We have a lot around here – we often hear the delightful ‘waterfall’ peal of goldfinches, and the ubiquitous rasping noise of greenfinches. Steve has seen bullfinches a couple of times before but I have always managed to miss them, so was particularly pleased to be the one to catch them today. It is lovely sitting in the buttery with the window open listening to all the bird song outside. 🙂


  2. I love your drawing Liz! Bullfinches are lovely birds and have a strange, quiet little song, don’t they? We get them in our garden sometimes but I see them most at my mother’s house where they come to her sunflower-seed feeders.


    1. Thank you so much, Clare – you are very kind. Yes, their song is rather mournful, and very distinctive, as is the plumage, making it nice and easy to spot them – very obliging!

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