Yarn Mountain II

Eeeeek!  I decided to do some more towards Le Grand Projet today.  See this post for background if you wish.

You may recall that I thought I had four more boxes to look through.  Well, that was indeed true.  But I had forgotten about the two big bags full of smaller bags of yarn (hides behind fingers).

It is for this reason that I am not attending this year’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival, which opens tomorrow.  I know it will be a wonderful event – the last one certainly was.  But I also know that if I go, I won’t be able to control myself and avoid buying yet more beautiful yarn.  And let’s face it, it is not as if I need any yarn now, is it?!?

I cringe to think that this is most of the yarn I bought last time, still waiting to be loved into finished knitting:

And here are some of the more glamorous parts of my stash.  I am pretty sure there is more of this sort of yarn in the remaining boxes….

Well, they do say that acceptance is the first step to recovery, don’t they.  Yes, I am grateful to be writing these posts, getting everything out in the open and off my chest.  I am not proud of having accumulated all this lovely yarn.  I dread to think how much money I must have spent on it over the years.  But hey – let’s look forward and not back.  I am going to have a wonderful time knitting it all up.

One of Hub’s very wise pieces of advice is not to let one’s things own you and therefore become something which drags you down.  So far, I feel too much in love with all this yarn to feel anything but excitement about getting stuck in with it.  But if I start to move away from this in even the slightest of ways, off it will go to a different home.  Yarn!  (She shouts over her shoulder to the other room) – I am your master – you will obey!

Mind you (she says back to the screen in a whisper so that her yarn cannot hear), yarn can be a bit like cats: humans think they are in charge, but we all know the reality….. 🙂



11 thoughts on “Yarn Mountain II

  1. It’s funny–I do the same thing with weaving thread and yarn–buy tons and never get caught up with it–but I don’t do the same with quilting fabric. I have friends that have fabric stashes that are unbelievable but I tend to buy just enough fabric for the quilt I have in mind. I wonder why the two are so different in my mind . . . .

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