A Gorgeous City Stroll

Yesterday morning, Hub and I took ourselves out early for a spring stroll before taking in breakfast at one of our favourite places of the moment. We walked from home to the City Centre (about 3km), turning up into Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, and aimed for Edinburgh Castle. The esplanade is open for anyone to visit most of the year round, and it affords wonderful views across both sides of the city (click each photo for captions and to expand).

Amazing to think that in only 14 weeks or so, this area will be covered with the massive stands for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo which is one of the key events running through August’s peak festival season.  The Tattoo is a wonderful Edinburgh Institution. We go every year and already have our tickets for this summer.

There is a great path leading down from the esplanade to the Princes Street Gardens. It is especially beautiful at this time of year with all the daffodils out over the slopes. The panoramic views of the city are magnificent.

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There are also interesting glimpses of the castle itself, including a chance to look closely at the fascinating geology of this site.

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The path eventually emerges into the extensive and extremely well cared-for gardens which run alongside Princes Street, with Waverley Station at one end, and the very grand St Cuthbert’s Church at the other.

Having walked past St Cuthbert’s we headed for our breakfast location. All Bar One is part of a chain of bars, but has a great food menu, particularly for breakfast. Here is our table with drinks, and the anticipation of yummy food!

Bring on the breakfast!

By the time we had sat down, we had walked just over 4 miles – well on our way to our daily target of 10,000 steps.  So it was only fitting to relax and feel very pleased to be having such a nice time. 😀







7 thoughts on “A Gorgeous City Stroll

  1. That looks lovely, I have walked there too. Been to Edinburgh twice and loved it. I have my counter with me too all the time. Nice to see all the steps coming together! It looks so lovely Spring like with the daffodils there. I am sure you had a lovely time!

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    1. Thanks Clare – yes the castle’s daffs are a truly wonderful sight each spring. And all the cherry blossom is just about to burst out too around the city. Such a lovely time of year 😀🌸

      Liked by 1 person

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