Friday Quote: Celebrating Earth Day


Friday 22 April 2016 is Earth Day.  This year, the campaign is focusing on planting trees.  Hear, hear!

We all know how important it is to look after the world around us.  Today, over 160 countries will sign the Paris Agreement, which was agreed late last year.  Here is some more information about why this is such a major achievement, and how it should help combat climate change.

We can all do our bit to make a positive change.  From recycling batteries to buying local produce, there is always something we can tackle.  I have signed the Earth Day petition and am working on eating less meat.  What will you be doing to help?



15 thoughts on “Friday Quote: Celebrating Earth Day

  1. Liz, me too I want to eat less meat too, I want to go really vegetarian but I am not there yet. I am really in to raw… fruit and veg and quinoa. So this week I had no meat, that is not too bad. Water saving I try , I want to leave the planet good for my children.

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  2. A wonderful post – Happy happy earth day! There is so much we can do to reduce our footprint, if we just tweak our behaviors. Most times we do things that seem innocuous. About 15 years ago we sold our home and moved into a condo close to a vibrant shopping scene. We walk everywhere. Just recently, we added organic recycling to our other recycling. Our first “aha” moment came when we saw how much food we wasted (and we were always careful, so we thought). Our shopping behaviors have changed considerably over the past few months. We continue to learn…

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  3. Had a happy time on Thursday distributing the contents of one of our compost bins around the garden. The roses, clematis and blackbirds love this! I like to think that by keeping the same tender plants year after year saves the carbon footprint of buying too many new ones. Today we have tulips, narcissi, iris, pansies, primroses, camellias, aquilegia and azaleas in bloom and the blackbird is singing his socks off! X

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  4. Trees are awesome why people wish to chop them down when they can just look at them and see the breeze play in amongst the leaves, making enchanting sounds or looking up through the branches at the sun, wonderful stuff! The sooner we start looking after this sexy planet the better for all of us.

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    1. Well said! I adore trees and find them to be spiritually uplifting. When we lived in London, we used to go to Kew Gardens virtually every weekend – it was such an uplifting experience just to walk in and be amongst all those aged, wise tree specimens. It is one of the few things I miss about living down South.

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      1. Imagine living in a desert or the arctic, it would be rubbish, although the Antarctic would offer penguins…

        It’s also why Treebeard was the best character in The Two Towers.

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      2. Not sure that penguins would make up for a lack of trees. Having said that, the Orkney Islands are pretty tree-less and are still very beautiful in a rugged kind of way. So I suppose it is nice to experience different landscapes. And yes, go Treebeard! 🙂

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  5. I have a garden which needs very little water. It’s taken a while to get it self-sufficient. Tonight I stepped out onto the porch and noticed so much condensation on the plants; there were elegant drops at the end of each artichoke leaf; they matched the stars in the sky. It was magical. My feijoa tree has only had natural rainfall on it. The fruit is the sweetest and most delicious it has ever been. And now I must stop burning the midnight oil and go to bed!

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