Knitting Joy

I have recently been knitting a shawl, which has been a source of great pleasure.  The pattern is extremely easy to follow, so I could happily knit away without constantly stopping to check the stitch requirement.  And the yarn I picked could not have been better – beautiful colours, soft handling – a joy to work with.

This is a picture of the shawl about two thirds complete.  Even at this stage, I was really enjoying the interplay between the solid and variegated yarns (click to enlarge photos).


The pattern is called ‘Leventry‘ by Sarah Jordan.  I used West Yorkshire Spinners Signature ‘Sweet and Spice’ 4ply in Blueberry Bonbon, and West Yorkshire Spinners Signature ‘Birds’ 4ply in Peacock.  What dream yarns to knit with.  And they came beautifully wrapped from BritYarn – I will definitely be buying more things from them in the future.


Here is the finished shawl just off the needles…


…and here it is on the blocking boards.


I love the everything about this.  The stripes; the lace border; the picot edge and of course the stunning effect of the two yarns together.

It makes a huge different when one blocks a knitted item.  One knitter once told me that she never bothers to block anything.  Well that’s her choice, of course.  But in my experience, having gone to all that effort to knit the item in the first place, it is nice to finish it off and get the best out of it with a good block.

There is a lot on the web about the theraputic economy benefits of knitting.  I could not agree more that this is a wonderful hobby for relieving stress.  And when you get the right combination of pattern and yarn, there is no better way to spend one’s time. 🙂

31 thoughts on “Knitting Joy

  1. It’s truly stunning! What a dynamic colour combo! You’re right about the pattern, the yarns and the details. But you put it all together so beautifully.

    I may cut the odd corner when knitting, but blocking is a step I always include! Especially for lace. You did a spectacular job.

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      1. I had not heard the term Hap before either. Kate Davies’ new book of haps looks fabulous just based on the first few pattern teasers. I am rapidly losing the strength to resist placing a pre-order!

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  2. This is spectacular! I don’t knit so I am especially impressed at how well it turned out and the blocking seems absolutely necessary! You’ll get a lot of attention wearing that!

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  3. What a lovely shawl and beautiful yarn! I made a similar one a while back out of Noro yarn and it was such fun to knit and is such a great shape, i wear it a lot! 🙂

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