The Danish Girl

Last week, I watched the film The Danish Girl.  I found it to be profoundly moving and inspiring.

It is a story based on the lives of Danish artists Lili Elbe (formerly Einar Wegener) and Gerda Wegener and tells of how they worked their way together along Lili’s path as an unwitting transgender pioneer.

I gather that the film has been seen as superficial and trivial by some within the transgender community.  This is a shame.  As someone who cannot truly understand what it must be like to feel that you are in the wrong body, I found the film to be a telling illumination of the agonies which a person in this position might endure.

I think that anything which can serve to highlight the realities of lives that are different from our own is a welcome addition to our cultural and societal debates.

I am reminded of the wisdom of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, set out so accessibly by Dr Wayne Dyer in his book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.  Throughout this book, we are shown the benefits of living a life of flexibility and accommodation; of listening more; and of trusting and accepting our true nature.

It behoves us all to engage with our neighbours with understanding, respect and love.

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