Enjoying going backwards…..

You might remember from a couple of posts a little while ago (see here and here), that I hardly have ANY yarn to knit with at home…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am trying very hard to knit only from my stash at the moment – after all, the reality is that I have such lovely choices.

Even so, there are times when it becomes impossible to resist new yarn.  I just had to have this ‘Bollywood’ sock yarn from The Knitting Goddess.  It arrived beautifully wrapped – anything which turns up in purple packaging is a bonus for me.

How beautiful this is – almost too nice to open up and knit with…..

I am so glad I nipped in smartly with my order – I see from the website today that this colour way is sold out.  There are plenty of other delicious options – I am currently desperately resisting buying more skeins, but I fear my resolve may not last….

I know this is all going against my stash-reduction goals for this year, but hey – it is such enjoyable failure!! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Enjoying going backwards…..

  1. I have a lovely daughter
    Who really can’t resist
    Some Bollywood purple glamour wool
    For her to knit and stitch
    ………but will she?!
    Can’t wait to see those Bollywood glamour socks!

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  2. Is there a relationship between the amount of yarn you buy and the amount of knitting you do, Liz? And which is more enjoyable? And is the prospect of eventually having an opportunity to knit something with it, an essential component of the joy of buying some yarn? Etc 😉

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    1. All good questions! I guess my buying of yarn outstrips my knitting, given that I have enough to open up my own yarn store at the moment!! Sometimes I have a particular project in mind when I buy yarn; other times, the yarn is just too irresistible and must be bought, with a view to matching it with a pattern later. In both cases, the joy of acquiring beautiful yarn, both colour-wise and squish-wise, does have an appeal all of its own. But that joy can only really be truly realised when one turns a skein into something wonderful. It is that promise which keeps me from giving away all my current yarn and starting again! 😀

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