For the Love of Tea


Welcome to the LeapingLife Tea Emporium!


As you can see, Hub and I are signed-up tea addicts.  We love good quality tea, and we love to have a variety of flavours to choose from.  You can see here everything from fairly standard teas, such as Earl Grey and Darjeeling, through some more exotic varieties to a range of herbal and fruit teas, including camomile in both bags and loose-tea format.

You can also see that we take our tea-making seriously.  The red pot makes a larger quantity of leaf tea – used when we are both having the same drink.  The two smaller ‘his ‘n’ hers’ pots allow us to have separate drinks.

How very happy we are, then, to have a newly-opened specialist tea shop just around the corner:  Rosevear Tea.



Adam and Isabelle Rosevear have developed a wonderfully welcoming space in which to browse, taste samples, buy amazing and unusual teas and get yummy chocolate brownie treats.

We adore going in to the shop to top up on favourite teas, such as First Flush Assam and IndoChina Blue Oolong, and to pick up new ones to try.  We love their green Kukicha, Exotic Lychee and Malty Mid-Morning Blend teas.  Yesterday, we were delighted to buy some gorgeous Jasmine Blossom tea (probably my favourite of all teas) and their delicious and aromatic Gift of the Aztecs tea – which tastes and smells of chocolate.

If you find yourself in Edinburgh, I highly recommend a visit to this fabulous shop.  There is room to sit in for refreshments, and plenty of opportunities to pick up your favourite teas and/or to try something new. 🙂

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