Oldies but Goodies

In 1953, the BBC made a film of the rail journey from London to Brighton.  This has since become a famous piece of footage.  But it remains an entertaining watch…

Even more fascinating is this film, which compares the original 1953 film with equivalent footage shot in 1983 and 2013.  It is so interesting to see the various developments over the years….

Hub and I love train travel – even in the modern era, it is such a civilised way to journey.  What about you? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Oldies but Goodies

  1. Mike is a huge fan of the original film Liz! He remembers watching it as a small boy. Seeing it alongside the two more recent ones was a very imaginative way of showing social and technological change. The density of demand now would stagger the original team. Is Steve working on his epic film Elvenhome to the Green Dragon in 40 seconds?

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    1. Both films are super, aren’t they. So pleased to provide Mike with a bit of nostalgia. And lol re Steve’s railway – will pass on the suggestion! Xxx


  2. I remember having seen the original film many years ago and the film comparing the journey with that in 1983 and 2013 was very interesting. My husband is a train and rail enthusiast and we all love travelling by train as often as we can. We recently went to London for the day by train and next month we are travelling to the Black Forest in Germany by train for a week’s holiday. Thanks for this fascinating post!


  3. I am very familiar with the original film of course, but it was really interesting to hear and see the comparisons with railway life then and now. As a little seven year old on Paddington station with my grandparents, rag dolly under my arm, I will never forget the steam and noise of our train firing up for it’s journey to Devon.

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