Even more stationery love….

Like yarn, I have hardly ANY pens and pencils…..


And specifically, I have only a very small collection of fountain pens (just the four…..)…

So how could I resist when, in the course of stocking up on some gorgeously-colored ink via Bureau Direct…..


…..I noticed that Lamy’s annual special edition fountain pen was available.  Well, I just couldn’t not add another purple pen to my stock, now, could I…… 🙂

15 thoughts on “Even more stationery love….

  1. Oh I have been hankering after a good pen for years. I have looked at Lamy before but wasn’t confident about buying without trying. You have done the trying for me. Now I can do the buying. 🙂

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    1. Oooh – good for you! I nearly got a green pen – they look really lovely and fresh. I am sure you will enjoy your new purchase – do let me know what you think when it arrives 😀🖊

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      1. I will. I couldn’t believe how cheap the postage quote was. When I was ordering I saw something about email a friend and we will give a 10% discount or some such. Not sure exactly what that was about but you should send them your post and mention my purchase as a result. They may give you a discount. I can give you my order number via a Facebook message if you like.

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      2. A very kind offer, thank you! And worth a try, I would think. Yes do please message your order and I will see what happens….! 🙂

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  2. When we at coffee this morning, we discussed the idea of how important penmanship was in our school curriculum when we were growing up. And we had to use a fountain pen. When I was in grade 6, we finally were able to use pens with cartridges instead of filling a fountain pen directly from an inkwell. Ah, those were the days….

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    1. Happy days indeed! When I was at school, we were taught to write in italic – with pencils first and then ink pens with italic nibs. I think we were the other way round to you – we started off with cartridges and felt very grown up when we graduated on to ink bottles – a ‘write of passage’ you might say!! 🙂

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