Arthur’s Seat in all its splendour

This stunning short film takes a bird’s-eye look at the glory that is Edinburgh’s very own volcano  – Arthur’s Seat.  At  251m above sea level, it is an iconic part of the city’s landscape, and affords magnificent views.  Hub and I have climbed it a couple of times, once as part of a marvellous light installation during the August festival.  We went up in the dark to view some trained runners wearing special light-enhanced suits making beautiful patterns on the ground below us – totally magical.

Enjoy! 😀

5 thoughts on “Arthur’s Seat in all its splendour

  1. It looks absolutely stunning and I bet the walk is a pleasantly challenging. Being up there in the night watching something arty must have been wonderful, Arthur is such an evocative name too!


    1. It’s so amazing to have this feature in the heart of the city. You are right – the walk is perfect – not too strenuous, but enough of a pull to make you feel virtuous. And then of course, the views from the top are ample reward for the climb. The art installation was truly a never-to-be-forgotten experience. So creative and innovative; so magical and beautiful. I wish they would put it on every year. I can’t imagine ever tiring of such a thing.

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      1. A once in a lifetime experience must have felt awesome though, I wish I could have seen it but living through our memories is always a good thing as well. I want to walk up a big but extinct volcano now!

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