Friday Quote: silence your inner critic


One of the wisest messages that emerges commonly from the work of many inspirational leaders is the advice to avoid perfectionism.  Apart from being unobtainable, it is damaging to one’s chances of leading an authentic life and living one’s values.  It stifles creativity and limits our chances of feeling that we have achieved our goals.

As you may know, I have been developing a love for hand-lettering in recent weeks.  This activity is a brilliant example of how one needs to let go of the idea of perfectionism.  Like any new endeavour, it takes practice, practice and more practice.  Even then, I sense that one may never truly be content with the fruits of one’s labours.  But it seems to me that this can be very positive – it spurs one on to keep going and to keep learning.

Check out this great BBC article which lists ways to overcome those negative thoughts that we all get from time to time.  It is aimed at women, but I think everyone can benefit from this type of wisdom.

Have a great weekend and celebrate the wonder that is you! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Friday Quote: silence your inner critic

  1. What a great article- thank you for sharing it. It’s something we all struggle with in some form, I believe. I see it strongly in my students (always easier to see it in others, haha!) as they often seek perfection and, in doing so, struggle to accomplish assignments, have fun, or be creative. Of course, I do this too. That is one of the reasons I paint. I know I am not very good at it. Knowing that, gives me great freedom. Do you have an activity you are not very good at but enjoy nonetheless? Does it give you the same creative freedom as it does for me?


    1. Brilliant comments, thank you! I know exactly what you mean about the pleasure of doing sth you are not very good at. I am just starting out with calligraphy so have a long way to go with it but I love it nonetheless. And I am trying to get back into piano playing – I used to be v accomplished & cringe when I compare my playing now with what I cld do, but I still love playing! 😀


      1. Two wonderful activities! Calligraphy must be fun to learn when you love pens as much as you do (I love them too). I so wish I could play the piano (or any instrument). I have tried so often, but I lack the ability (and I am not being modest… my guitar teacher even gently suggested I give up my lessons haha!). Happy exploring and learning!

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