13 thoughts on “Secret Edinburgh

  1. I love this film! I haven’t been to Edinburgh for years and years and would love to visit again. I was pleased to see (and listen to) Ian Rankin as I have just started reading one of his Rebus books – ‘Set in Darkness’.

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    1. I do hope you make it back again some time! 😀 Am thinking of embarking on a Rebus journey – have never read any of them books & it seems rude not to!! 📚😀

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      1. This is only the second one I’ve read. It took me a while to get into the first one – ‘Dead Souls’ – but eventually I was hooked! Rankin’s descriptions of the city and Scotland in general are excellent – he has a poet’s eye – but if all you ever knew about Edinburgh came from his books you’d be reluctant to set foot in such a violent and seedy city! Fortunately, commonsense prevails!

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      2. Lol! That’s the trouble with crime fiction, isn’t it – If we believed what we read and watched, we would never even set foot in somewhere like Midsomer!!

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    1. Lovely comments, Melissa, thank you – yes, you are absolutely right about the values of this city. I look forward to the day when you can visit! 😀


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