Friday Quote: let the healing begin (hard though it may be)

I have never felt sick or upset about political events.  Before this morning.

Today is a very serious day for the UK.  The vote to leave the European Union will have major ramifications for the way we live our lives and the nature of our society.

It is hard to be magnanimous towards those who voted to leave; their actions have brought down our Prime Minister and jeopardised the stability of our country.  But their view must be respected if we are to preserve our vital democratic foundations.

Our collective task now is to accept the result and start working towards making the best of the situation for all members of our community.


15 thoughts on “Friday Quote: let the healing begin (hard though it may be)

    1. Hi Kerry, thanks for your comments. I did not expect to feel as upset as I do – perhaps because I did not really expect the ‘leave’ campaign to win. Who knows what will happen now. One interesting development in the last couple of minutes, though – our Scottish First Minister has pledged to find a way to keep Scotland in the EU, to respect the fact that Scotland voted to remain. Momentous times.


  1. We are devastated and consider the decision to be disastrous. On a (sort of) lighter note. Dave was so upset he couldn’t face a full English breakfast! We are really upset though.

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  2. Although I knew it was going to be a tight race, I didn’t expect this outcome either. I lived in the UK for 5 years (as an EU grad student, interestingly enough), feel an attachment to it, and have so many friends there. I hope there will be another referendum in the future and that this one doesn’t lead to other countries leaving the EU. It’s a time to come together rather than to isolate ourselves.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Letizia. It has been quite a day – nothing will ever be the same again and a break up of the Union now looks likely 😞


  3. Oh, Liz, I love this. Forgiveness isn’t easy. Here I watched in disbelief as Trump marched to the Republican candidacy. How on Earth could so many people agree with that terrible man and want him to lead our country? And this morning, it appears, the same type of people are altering the course of yours. I’m so sorry. It is so hard to make sense of this.

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  4. Oh Liz! I felt sick too and have spent all day trying to console my 19 year old daughter! However, you are right to say that we are a democracy and ‘the people’ have spoken. We must abide by the decision and make the best of a bad situation. I remember (just!) what it was like before we joined the EU. We were so keen to join then and were so elated when eventually we got the go-ahead! I have been disappointed by many of the decisions made by the EU in recent years and have felt that EU reform is well overdue. I thought that we had started to make our individual voice heard and with time we would have been able to have our cake and eat it. Too late now.

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  5. You are right Liz . I am sure there will be another Scottish referendum and that Scotland will be off and then none of us will live on the same country any more. And who knows what will happen to Northern Ireland. We have negated our own influence for our most profound values today, and have weakened Europe’s, and we have shown Trump that anything is possible. Really really grim. But this is the time to truly live our values. It’s just bloody hard right now!

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  6. Liz, this is lovely said. I felt awful this morning. I wasn’t allowed to vote as I am still German but lived here for the last 30 years. I can’t believe the outcome either. I am really scared and worried what will happen as nobody does, there was no plan made for this eventuality. I am worried for my children, it is their future. But then it might be better than we think, I am trying to see a little light in the tunnel!

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