Friday Quote: dare to be different!

Regular readers of this blog will know about my passion for finding ways to lead one’s best life.

One thing we can do to contribute to this aim is consciously to look for the new, the fresh, the alternative as we go about our day to day activities.  It is all too easy to follow the same old routines and habits, generating a feeling that nothing we do is interesting.

Try some of these things for starters:

  • when you are next washing up, notice how hot or cold the water is; how do the bubbles feel?  How do the dishes look before and after?  What might they say if they could talk?
  • when walking outside, notice how the air smells.  What colour is the sky?  Give the different hues you see a specific name.  What would clothes or cakes or chairs look like made out of this colour?
  • when sitting on a bus or train, notice how it feels to be part of a community of travellers.  What might your fellow passengers say if you spoke to them?  Think of things you might have in common with them.

Whatever you do this weekend, have a calm, relaxing and stimulating time. 🙂



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