Sunset in Edinburgh

Anyone who follows me on Facebook or Instagram will know that I love taking pictures of the amazing sunsets with which we are blessed here in Edinburgh.

Yesterday’s event promised to be a glorious show – we are getting good at spotting the signs!

So Hub set up our video camera for me and this is the result.  There are no added filters or camera tricks – the colours you can see are the ones that were really there.  The only thing we have changed is the timing – this clip is approx 2 minutes long and represents about an hour of filming.

Enjoy! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Sunset in Edinburgh

  1. Spectacular. What amazing ambient light you have at this time of year – even when the sun has set there is still pale blue above the clouds.


  2. Perfect, such a relaxing thing to look at the clouds and the beautiful colours, the music added to, which for the life of me I can’t put a name to, shame on Ste!

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      1. That’s the one! I now remember it is track nine of disc 2 on one of those relaxing classical compilations…typical how quick recall of that comes when vice versa would have had me stressed out all yesterday trying to recall it lol.


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