Still on the needles…

It’s been a while since I last wrote about knitting.  I thought I would provide an update on the projects highlighted in this post.  Amazing to think I published that nearly three months ago.

Anyway, here is the latest shot of my Soumak Scarf:


I am, strictly speaking, half way through – this represents four out of eight pattern repeats.  It is just over a meter long, and the finished scarf is supposed to measure around 180cm.  Each pattern repeat is just over 30cm, so in theory I will need to do only three more to achieve the stated length.  The beauty is that I can just see how I feel and if I decide to make it super-long, I can add the final repeat.  This is a fun, easy knit and I love how the different colours go together.

I also adore the back!


Isn’t it great to be producing something which looks so fabulous on either side – result!!

What won’t be much fun is the weaving in of all those ends.  I have experimented with knitting them in as I go along, but I do not like the finish this achieves.  So I will, in due course, need to bite the bullet and painstakingly sew them all in by hand.  Still, as I commented recently to a fellow crafty blogger, making things is all about the journey and not just the finished article (at least that’s what I keep telling myself!).

Meanwhile, I am making only slow progress with my Seascape Stole.  This photo shows the latest.  In fact, what you can’t see is that I originally knitted about this much, but had to rip it out because I found I had made a mistake.  It is hard to get things back on track with lace knitting if you go wrong, so it seemed best to start again.  I am comforting myself with the thought that although this does not look like much knitting, it represents half my effort so far.


It is a slow knit because I have to concentrate very hard on getting the pattern right.  It is interesting because the fundamental stitch pattern is not difficult at all, and only requires a small number of stitch variations.  But it is so easy to get distracted and miss a crucial maneuver – I definitely don’t want to rip it out yet again!  I will shortly add in a ‘life-line’ – this is an independent thread that weaves across a single row of knitting and marks a spot where you know everything is right to that point.  It means that, if you subsequently go wrong, you need only rip back to the line, rather than right back to the beginning.  A definite must for this kind of project.

Overall, though, I cannot get enough of that rich purple yarn.  And the pattern will look really lovely when it is finished, so it is worth persevering with it.

Finally, since my last knitting post, I have started this third shawl.  This is ‘travel and company knitting’ – ie it is a supremely easy pattern which I can work on with other distractions around me.  You might recognise the yarn from this post.  And the pattern is taken from my recently-acquired book, Sequence Knitting.


I find it constantly amazing that such a variegated yarn produces an ‘organised’ colour pattern.  This is totally random, given that the stitch combination and number of stitches were chosen slightly arbitrarily.  That’s knitting for you!  It really is pleasing to see the colour waves develop and I love having the opportunity to take this out and about to work on it.

It will be interesting to see how far I have got with this lot in another three months! 🙂

30 thoughts on “Still on the needles…

    1. C to the power of 4!! Thanks for this, Mum. It feels like the old days when I always had lots of things on the go – it’s great to be able to do it – am v lucky. Xxx

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  1. Wow, Liz, this is beautiful! Thanks for showing the photo of the back. My Soumak shawl, which is quite long – 77″, has only seven pattern repeats. It grew during blocking too. So, you are closer than you think to finishing. I also love the Seascape Stole. I knit a lacy pullover from this same shade of purple Kidsilk Haze; it is a knock-out shade.

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    1. Thank you so much – particularly for the encouragement re the repeats! I can just imagine how beautiful you KSH sweater must be. 😀


  2. Your thoughts on randomness reminds me of an amazing book I read a few years ago: “A Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules our Lives” by Leonard Mlodinow. He said that “probability is the very guide to life.” Look how beautiful randomness came out in your artistic endeavors. By the way, Thomas (our travel agent as you know!!!) said that we would be coming into Glasgow early Sunday morning and heading straight to Edinburgh on the 20th. Would love to get together for tea. Will keep you updated on our wherabouts. Can hardly wait to see you! Hugs coming your way.

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    1. Randomness is definitely to be encouraged and celebrated – at every opportunity! Great news about your trip – look forward to hearing more soon xxx

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  3. All these projects look wonderful! I can sympathise with your disappointment when you realised you had to undo your lacy knitting – the amount of times I’ve had to do that in the past! It only takes a second’s inattention to mess it all up. I look forward to seeing how you progress with your knitting.

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  4. What lovely work you are doing. I understand the frustration of having to unravel fine lace, but I think – I hope – you will think it was worth it when you have a beautiful finished piece.

    I’m had my eye on the Soumak Wrap for ages and I am very cross with Rowan for axing fine tweed, and turning one of my ‘one day’ projects into something highly unlikely.

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  5. I guess you really like that deep purple color–the projects look lovely! I don’t knit but was glad to hear of the concept of a life-line–it makes perfect sense. You can do more than one, as you progress, right?

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      1. Not much incentive needed to visit such a beautiful place, especially when lovely friends live there 😊 Maybe we will make it some day – it would be nice to think so xxx

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  6. Wow, WOW! How neat is your reverse?! So neat!! (I nearly said ‘how neat is your backside but it seemed a little personal.) I often end up with little tails and dodgy bits on my rear, and my Fairisle attempts look like a kitten has been in the wool.
    Your scarf is just beautiful, and amazing colours!

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    1. Hi Lucy, thanks so much – I really appreciate your comments. It is not often that I am happy to show the back of my work, but with this pattern, it is coming out so very nicely! 🙂

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