Mister Sunshine

“Everybody wants to be somebody.

But remember, be somebody that’s nice.”

~ Mister Sunshine


How about starting the week with a simple recipe for living your best life?  Check out this fabulous short video.  I defy you not to be smiling and thinking by the end of it… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Mister Sunshine

  1. Brilliant!! I am sitting in Starbucks – just finished listening to this video and, as only the universe can do, the song, “Here comes the sunshine” started to play. Every day, every moment is a gift. Thank you, my dear friend for sharing this moment with me.

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  2. This is great and certainyl brought a smile to my face, if only we could all have that mentality…you wouldn’t need to worry about your shoes not being shiny hehe!

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