Songs for Swinging Bakers

The arrival of guests chez nous today has given me a good excuse to do some baking.

Hub and I have been trying to cut down a bit on indulgences recently so I have not been baking as frequently as I used to.  But it is always nice to be able to offer home-cooked goodies to family and friends, isn’t it.

Here is my freshly-glazed lemon drizzle cake – yum!  I used Mary Berry’s very reliable recipe, with which I always get good results.


And while I was preparing it, I was listening to some wonderful, classic swing tunes.  Below are three of my favourites.  Why not give them a listen the next time you feel like foxtroting and jiving around the kitchen! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Songs for Swinging Bakers

  1. Oooh – I love a good swing tune! Can’t say I’ve ever baked along to one though. Perhaps I should try it.

    Enjoy your guests. We are almost at the end of the open visitor season. Lovely though it has been, I’m looking forward to breathing out!

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  2. Yummy. I am sure your friends will love this cake. I made Mary Berry’s Lemon Pots for one of the dessert choices today and everyone loved them. Lovely Mary Berry – and this week is the start of “Bake Off”! Xx

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  3. I always find Mary Berry’s recipes easy to follow and they always turn out well. Your lemon drizzle looks yummy! The only way I can cope with baking is to listen to music while I do it – I love your swing choices!

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  4. The title promised a different post and I thought you may be revealing something personal about your life off the blog hehe. At least you can keep your car keys hung up for baking which is a much better way to pass the time. Catchy musical choices by the way.

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