Another Edinburgh Spectacle

The full cast - Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2016
The full cast – Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2016

One of our annual fixtures is a trip to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  We love this fabulous show that has the perfect combination of new acts and themes each year, along with beloved core elements, such as the massed pipe bands.

We were there last Tuesday, keeping everything crossed for dry weather.  The show always goes on, rain or shine.  And we sit there, rain or shine too.  But it is obviously much more comfortable and enjoyable if it is dry!  We were in luck this year – only a slight drizzle joined us for about 15 minutes towards the end.

When you first get to your seats, there is still quite a lot of light around.  But darkness soon falls to provide a dramatic backdrop.  These shots show the contrast:

Add in a heady mix of spectacular lighting and projections to showcase the acts….

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…some highland dancing…


…a marvellous tribute to Her Majesty the Queen, complete with the Scottish State Coach…

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….some fabulous fireworks….

…and, my favourite, the pipes…

and you have yourself one of the best shows around.  See you next year! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Another Edinburgh Spectacle

  1. A fantastic post Liz! I am sure the Tattoo used to be televised every year and my family all watched it. The precision of the marching bands and the heart-stirring of the pipe bands makes it such a pleasure to watch. I have never been to see it live and haven’t seen it on TV for years and had forgotten how much I used to enjoy it.

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    1. So glad you liked it, Clare! I think it is still on TV each year, but possibly broadcast by the BBC in Scotland, so only findable down south via iPlayer. Anyway, perhaps you will get to see it live one day…! 😀

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