It will be my birthday in a few weeks.  Yesterday, I received a lovely early birthday treat!

I have for some time had my eye on the knitting magazine Pompom.  My wonderful Mum and Sister have purchased a subscription for me.

The first edition arrived today – look how beautifully it was wrapped…


And inside, an utterly gorgeous magazine, packed with wonderful patterns, yarny articles and even some recipes – fabulous! 🙂


Thank you so much, Mum and Sis – love you! 😀💕 Xxx


PS – there is a great Pompom podcast via Soundcloud if you are interested….


12 thoughts on “Pompom-tastic!

  1. What a wonderful gift! It was my birthday yesterday and not only did I get a surprise visit from my elder daughter (she is staying until Tuesday) but her surprise present to me was a shawl she had knitted herself! This is the first project she has ever finished so I am extremely honoured. I and my mother tried to teach her when she was young but she got bored after a few rows but a friend of hers has been more successful and the result is my shawl.

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    1. Many happy, albeit belated returns, Clare! And how fabulous to receive such a precious gift – well done to your daughter and may there be many more projects to come 🙂

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