Be Your Own Cheerleader

What do you say to yourself each morning when you wake up?

Take a moment to think about how you greet the day.  Is it with a groan as you reach to press the snooze button?  Or is it with joy and gratitude as you happily embrace a new opportunity to begin afresh?

The things we say to ourselves really matter.  After all, if we cannot treat ourselves with love and respect, how can we expect others to do the same?  And perhaps more importantly, it is a truth that we cannot give what we do not have.  By developing a practice of self-love and appreciation we boost our chances of being able to contribute meaningfully to society and, in so doing, to live our best lives.

Although it might feel a bit strange, giving ourselves verbal high fives in the morning can make all the difference to the way in which the rest of the day pans out.  Not sure how to do it?  Check out this short clip in which an utterly awesome father helps his young daughter prepare for school.  This is a lesson for us all – why not give it a go? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Be Your Own Cheerleader

  1. That is gorgeous. I don’t always think positive thoughts in the morning but, invariably, when I take my first glance of myself in the bathroom mirror I have to laugh…… hair is the most outrageous mess! I look as though I have been in a pillow fight all night.

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  2. Nice video. Usually I wake up at midday (I’m on night shifts, not lazy) realise I only have six and a half hours before needing to head back to work, so force myself up, regret my lack of sleep and attempt reading or writing. My holiday time is happier time.

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