Bad News, Good News!

My Dear Friends,

Oh!  How I have missed you all this past week.  My usual routine was unexpectedly thrown out the window when I experienced an nightmare tear in my left cornea – ouch!!

I must first say what wonderful support I received from my GP and my optician.  I was treated within a few hours of contacting them.  And the medicine they prescribed starting working immediately, with the result that, one week on, my eye is pretty much completely better.

So I have gone from being in agony, not being able to bear light, unable to look at anything or read or type etc, to virtual normality (or as normal as I am ever going to get, as Hub might say!).

This is handy timing because it is today my birthday. 🙂

I have spent a lovely day with Hub and my Mum and step-Dad, having a delicious lunch out and exploring a new-to-us garden in Edinburgh.

Dr Neil’s Garden is a beautiful, winding and well-established garden on the shore of Duddingston Loch and in the lea of Arthur’s Seat.  Here are some shots that give you an idea of its beauty…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are plenty of seats on which to rest and take in the views.  Hub and I are taking full advantage…


…and here are Mum and Dave adorning the Physic Garden…


Together with loads of cards and good wishes on Facebook, this all adds up to a wonderful day – thank you everyone! 🙂

30 thoughts on “Bad News, Good News!

  1. Happy birthday! (Again!) At least now I can honestly say your card is on its way! What a beautiful garden and how good that your eye had recovered enough to appreciate it. It sounds agony though, how awful for you! Anything to do with eyes is twice as hideous and wince making as surging else at all! So glad it has healed and pretty quickly at that. But how do you tear a cornea……?

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    1. Thanks for all of this, Liz. Without wishing to turn your stomach even more, the optician suggested that my contact lenses may have stuck to my cornea when I tried to take it out, and the rest is history…. 😳


  2. Well at least I had already taken my lenses out for the night before I read your explanation!! Will you wear them again? Or are you strictly a glasses woman now? Oh jeez and when I think how occasionally I have had to prise mine out…… Bleaugh, as Charlie Brown would say. Sending hugs! xx

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    1. Hugs gratefully received, thank you! And yes, I will be reacquainting myself with my lenses in due course – still a bit of recovery to go though 😀


  3. Happy Birthday! I am so pleased your eye is recovering; it must have been awful! My husband suffers from keratoconus (conical corneas) and has to wear special lenses to correct his sight. He noticed a problem after he started wearing contact lenses and this degenerative disease was diagnosed.
    I love the photos you took today – it looks as though it was a little breezy and chilly but how lovely to have a sunny day and your family with you!

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    1. Thank you so much, Clare! And how perceptive of you to gather that it was rather a blustery day yesterday. I think that Garden would be wonderfully contemplative in calmer weather. Thank you for sharing the info about your husband. I seem to have come through my ordeal relatively easily – I very much hope that his special lenses and treatment provide him with a good level of relief. X

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  4. Liz, it was really great to be able to spend your birthday day with you and Steve. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the oldest pub in Scotland and then tracking down the secret garden. Your photos are a pretty record of a happy day. And it is a relief that your eye is healing. All’s well that ends well… Xxx

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  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Liz! So glad you had such a lovely day after such a painful week. A perfect way to enjoy your birthday – in a beautiful garden with those you love 🙂

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  6. A belated happy birthday my friend and I am glad your eye is better now, after all the audio books just aren’t the same as real books. I trust you avoided the bumps?

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    1. Thank you very much! I like to listen to audiobooks, but usually when I am doing something else, like knitting. So yes, v hard to do absolutely nothing!! Re the bumps – I pity anyone who might try these days lol. 🙂

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