The Destiny of the Self (or Well Done Rach!)

My sister, Rachel Brown MA
My sister, Rachel Brown MA

Last Tuesday, my family focused not on international affairs, but on the celebration of my sister’s impressive achievement – gaining an MA in Producing Film and Television at Bournemouth Unviersity.

Rachel has for many years had a passion for all things media and technology.  A few years ago, she started her own business helping people, particularly the elderly, to learn how to use computers, phones and devices.  She has generated many ideas for television programmes, and, coupled with experience of working in the entertainment industry, realised that her dream was to find a way to make a permanent professional home in the media sector.

After a year of hard work, sacrifices and application, she achieved, in her own words ‘the unthinkable’.  Of course, we all knew she had it in her – everything she has ever tried has been a success.  But love and support from one’s family is one thing – actually managing to reach one’s goal is quite another.

At Tuesday’s degree ceremony, Bournemouth University awarded an Honorary Doctorate to Jennifer Coombs, currently the High Sheriff of Dorset.  In her acceptance speech, Mrs Coombs spoke of the need for ‘confidence, courage, vision’ in life.  She said she had coped through times of major tragedy by reference to her father’s mantra, ‘Discipline, Determination, Dedication’.

Rachel is the embodiment of all these qualities.  She also lives up to the words of George Ingle Finch, quoted by Mrs Coombs:

May your minds think for themselves.  Don’t allow them to stagnate or be sterilized.  Be adventurous and courageous.  Life life in the present and enjoy the moment.

~ George Ingle Finch, speech to the Swiss Alpine Club 1966

I cannot say in words how very proud I am of Rachel and everything she has achieved.  The attainment of this qualification is only the start of a magnificent journey for her.  She has now set up a new business, Eco Film Productions, which will enable her to share with others her expertise in making sure that film and TV productions are sustainable.

I thank her for all the support she constantly gives me, and for being such a magnificent example of leading one’s best life.  Love you, Sis! 🙂





17 thoughts on “The Destiny of the Self (or Well Done Rach!)

  1. This is exciting news indeed!! Congratulations – celebrating on my side of the world. The adventure continues. Looking forward to seeing all the new projects that Rachel will embrace.

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  2. Sisters are the best! Many congratulations to yours. How lovely that you were able to go and be with her to celebrate her achievement.

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  3. How exciting, and such an achievement! Congratulations to your sister; I sense she will go on to do many more remarkable things.

    “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw


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