Seasonal Satsumas

Satsumas in my favourite blue bowl
Satsumas in my favourite blue bowl

These days, we have access to pretty much any food, all year round.  Whether or not this is a good thing is a massive subject, and not for this post.  One thing I do like, however, is that there are certain foods which appear only around Christmas time.  Satsumas are a classic example.

I love oranges in general.  I particularly like to slice one into a jug of iced water – it provides me with a lovely, delicately flavoured drink all through the day.

Satsumas, however, take things to a different level.  The joy of the easy-peel; the pleasure of stripping off any remaining bits of pith; the yield of the segments; all contribute to a wonderful eating experience.  Add this to the fact that satsumas arrive in the lead up to Christmas, and all the senses are invoked.

It helps that they are such a vibrant colour.  It is a little tradition of mine to place them ceremonially in my adored blue glass bowl.  Although the shapes are wrong, I am certain that the artists in my Art Deco book nestling on the shelf under the table would approve of the colour scheme. 🙂

'Broth' c1930 - Clarice Cliff (from banana on pinterest)
‘Broth’ c1930 – Clarice Cliff (from on pinterest)


17 thoughts on “Seasonal Satsumas

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! Yes, ‘mandarin’ is the high-level name for smaller oranges, of which satsumas are one kind. Clementines are another example. Good citrus knowledge there girl!! 🙂

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  1. Fabulous colours! I can no longer eat oranges (of any description) but I can enjoy the vibrancy of their colour in your photo (and their scent when B eats them!) And I love the seasonal ritual here, Liz. Little things that bring a particular pleasure at particular times of the year.


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    1. Thank you Sandra! Interesting that you can’t eat oranges. My husband developed an allergy to tree fruits (apples, pears, plums etc) out of the blue a few years back – so strange.


  2. There is something about that color combo that really gets to me! The colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, I guess, and the interaction has such energy. Beautiful! And I love those little clementines, too–need to go find some right now!

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