Decorating The Christmas Tree – a quick guide

I love having our Christmas decorations up.  But I’m not a big fan of actually putting them up.  I am therefore extremely lucky that my dear Hub is prepared to do it.

We normally decorate nearer to Christmas itself.  For various reasons, and bearing in mind the timing of various visits this year, this past weekend was designated as decorating day.

I love being able to get out all out the various Christmas bits and bobs.  These mugs give me a ridiculous amount of pleasure, for example…


I love our little village scene, with the trains going round and the lights changing…


Seeing our tree in all its glory is just wonderful.  Here are some shots of just a few of my favourite tree decorations.  Hub reckons he put up over 100!

And here is a short video of Hub doing the honours.  This really is a celebration of all his talents – not only did he put in all that decorating effort, but the music is also played by him too – swoon! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Decorating The Christmas Tree – a quick guide

  1. A perfect festive blog! Lovely to see the decorations. Exhausting watching Steve putting the tree up but it looks fab. So great to hear Steve’s music as an accompaniment. More please! Xx

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  2. I LOVED your video!!! The music was superb and the Christmas train was a delight. Merry Christmas – we are just in the process of putting our tree up – everything is scattered around the living room. You have inspired me to continue…

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  3. Splendid! And a wonderful video, too. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Mother and Father Christmas sitting in those comfy chairs but I guess they have no time to sit at this time of the year. 😉

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  4. Oh lucky, lucky you! I really enjoyed the video and your decorations look wonderful ❤ I quite enjoy putting the decorations up and I sometimes get offers of help. I don't particularly enjoy taking them down again on 12th Night and do I get any offers of help then? No. We haven't had the time/felt like decorating yet. We bought a cut tree today and it is waiting outside in a bucket of water so whenever we feel like it we can bring it in and start the festivities.

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    1. Thank you so much Clare! I understand what you mean about taking them down, although I am often quite pleased to be getting on with it and getting back to normal. We have been known to take down our decorations on the 27th if we are not likely to have visitors after that!

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