Off the Hook

I finished this Japanese flower shawl a few weeks ago, and the first opportunity to block it came only recently.


I was slightly worried that it would take me forever to block, because I assumed that I would need to pin every single petal.  Happily, this turned out not to be the case – the pinning of the outside petals gave sufficient stretch to the inside ones.


Blocking always calls for extreme patience.  By this stage in a project, all you want to do is start using your creation.  But, for the sake of an extra couple of days, it is worth it to let the item fully dry and settle into its final shape.

And here we have, what I believe to be called in the trade, the Ta Dah moment…


I am delighted with the finish of this lovely piece.  I used all 10 colours of Kate Davies’ Buachaille yarn, making sure that no two flowers were the same.  The result is a warm but light-weight bundle of joy! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Off the Hook

    1. Completely agree with you Kerry – the results of blocking always amaze me, even after all these years! Thanks for your generous comments too 🙂


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