What Is Literature For?

A belated Happy World Book Day 2017 to everyone!

As an avid bibliophile, I love anything which promotes and celebrates the value of reading.  But, some may ask, why on earth should we care about books?  Surely life is too busy to fit in reading on top of everything else?

In other words, what is literature for?

Check out this short clip by The School of Life which answers this important question.  It is pretty quirky to look at, but the underlying messages are interesting and relevant.  Listen without the pictures if need be! 🙂

11 thoughts on “What Is Literature For?

  1. We had World Book day in school. I love books too. I have learnt loads of things form books and it will never stop. I like the School of life videos. Let’s read on Liz!

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  2. Great post Liz and what a co-incidence the School of Life was also mentioned in that New Yorker article I posted a link to a few days ago. It’s uncanny how often you’ve never heard of something and then it crops up all the time! The video rings true for every level from picture books on up, but I wonder if the great majority of the impact comes when you are not consciously reading to learn – a kind of silt of experience and empathy that is laid down over many books and many years of reading.

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    1. Such wisdom, Liz, thank you! Yes, I love the School of Life – more wisdom there too! And I adore the thought that everything we encounter in life, particularly through books, gets absorbed into our personal geology, creating inner strata of ideas, beliefs and insights. Fabulous! 🙂 x


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