The Joy and Beauty of Paper Sculptures: Celebrating the work of Diana Beltrán Herrera

In an addition to my occasional series highlighting the wonder of paper artistry, and in the interests of promulgating some seriously beautiful creations to savour, let me share with you the incredible work of Diana Beltrán Herrera, a Columbian designer currently living in Bristol, UK.

I adore her ‘bird postage stamps’ series:

© Diana Beltrán Herrera

You can see the rest of this series, including some detailed close-ups here.

I am particularly drawn to the postage stamp idea because it reminds me of times gone by when I briefly dabbled in stamp collecting. Aged around 8-10, I loved the beautiful floral stamps from mysterious and exotic-sounding places such ‘Magyar Posta’. How wonderful it would be to visit such a place, I used to think.  These days, I know that this is the name on stamps from Hungary!  Still a great place to visit, I’m sure, but less like being in something akin to a C S Lewis novel.



Back to Herrera’s work – her single bird sculptures are stunning:

© Diana Beltrán Herrera

More of this work can be found here.

Compare and contrast Herrera’s approach with that of Lisa Lloyd.  Both artists have amazing insight, vision and of course talent.

I’m not sure I would ever have the patience to develop sufficient skills for this kind of work.  But I love to admire such creations by others – they generate a sense of wonder and peace.  We need this kind of beauty and joy in the world.  🙂


11 thoughts on “The Joy and Beauty of Paper Sculptures: Celebrating the work of Diana Beltrán Herrera

  1. Goodness, these are just so beautiful. My family and friends still send each other postcards from our travels and I always make it a point to look at the stamps. So often they are little pieces of art or, at the very least, glimpses into another culture. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful artist!

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  2. I went through that stamp collecting stage, too, and fantasized about all the exotic places. The paper art is truly amazing–and not for the dilettante, I imagine. It looks to me like an art form that one really, REALLY has to focus on!

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