On and off the needles: I’ve got the knitting – bring on the tennis

The British summer is well and truly with us.  In the UK we have been in the throws of a heatwave.  But however warm it may be, it is never too hot to knit.

One particularly welcome aspect of the summer is the arrival of the tennis grass court season.  I love to watch tennis at any time of year, but there is nothing to challenge the supremacy of Wimbledon and the grass court tournaments which lead up to it.

I am a very happy bunny when I can knit in front of the tennis, as I was doing with the Aegon Championship last week at London’s Queen’s Club.

I took this opportunity to start a new knitting project.  I seem to have been working on scarves/shawls/wraps forever.  So I decided to cast on a little cotton bolero in this beautiful cornflower-blue yarn, which I bought from WoolWarehouse – I love the fact that the yarn arrives in this handy organza project bag (and yes, I know, I am easily pleased!).

Here is a picture of the pattern:

And here is where I have got to so far.  It is a nice quick knit, so I am hoping to get it finished in time to wear it for some part of the summer at least.

And what of the projects I have previously mentioned in these pages?  I finished my grey marl scarf and am very pleased with it, particularly the stitch texture.  You can just about detect the slight fluffiness of the mohair yarn in this picture, but it is hard to see the sequins.  They give a light dusting of sparkle at each end – nice!

I am over half-way through my Bollywood scarf.  This will definitely get done in due course as I really enjoy seeing the colours merge together as I knit:

For the moment, though, I will concentrate on my cornflower-blue.  I feel very well prepared for the All England Club to open their gates on Monday 3 July – come on Andy!! 😀🎾


13 thoughts on “On and off the needles: I’ve got the knitting – bring on the tennis

    1. Thanks – yes, already well advanced with the back since taking the picture for the post. It’s a nice easy knit with just the right amount of detail to keep it interesting.


  1. I feel the way about the college football (American football!) season that you do about tennis! I love sitting in front of a game (on TV) and stitching away on something! Enjoy your time–you’re making beautiful things, Liz!

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    1. Isn’t it great to be able to multi-task with all our favourite things!! Thank you for your kind words on my projects, which I really appreciate.


  2. I’m itching to get stuck into a new knitting project but haven’t found the right pattern yet. I love the bolero pattern, and what a gorgeous colour! I can’t wait to see some pics when it’s done, and hopefully there’ll have been some thrilling tennis along the way!

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    1. So glad you like it! Good luck with your pattern search – sometimes I think we have so much choice, it is almost impossible to choose something! A nice problem to have 😀

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  3. I love the idea of you knitting in warm weather, haha. Both of my grandmothers tried to teach me to knit, but, for some reason, I couldn’t get it. Perhaps I was too young to appreciate it at the time.

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