August in Edinburgh Part 1 – Party Time!

Edinburgh is well and truly in full swing during this, our main festival month. The sun has been shining. Everyone is having a marvellous time. Here are a few shots which I hope give you a flavour of the atmosphere. Wish you were here?…..

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Despite all the crowds, it is still possible to find a few corners for a bit of quiet time.  Tourists and performers all need a bit of space…..

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And all the while, the city keeps on being timeless and breath-taking. How lucky we are to call it home! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “August in Edinburgh Part 1 – Party Time!

  1. Looks lovely! Although, every time I’ve been to Edinburgh it’s been the summer and we’ve had really hot days, and being a winter bod it really makes me want to come down when it’s chillier. I think we’ll have to come down at Christmas and go to the markets. My daughter went one year with the school and couldn’t say enough nice things about the festive atmosphere.

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      1. Edinburgh has differently-themed festivals throughout the year, but the main ones are in the summer – the International arts festival, the fring and the book festival – all of which combine to make for a summer of amazing fun in what is already a beautiful city!

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  2. I love Edinburgh in August! But then I love Edinburgh in June, July & September. And I am certain that there are many festivities in all of the months. I would love to be there for Hogmanay!! You will notice that I have used “love” three times.

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    1. I am sure you would indeed love it at Hogmanay – such a fun time. But it is wonderful to have your visits any time of year – very much looking forward to the next one! X

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