August in Edinburgh Part 2 – Celebration Time!

We have been firework- and light-tastic in Edinburgh this month.

Each night has seen a magnificent display over Edinburgh Castle, courtesy of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo:


To mark the end of the summer festivals, there is always a celebratory concert in the lea of the Castle, where fireworks are put to music. This video is a short taste of the 45 minute display:


And particularly special this year, we have seen the opening of the magnificent new Queensferry Crossing across the Firth of Forth. This display marked the start of a week of celebrations, culminating with the formal opening by Her Majesty the Queen, to take place on 4 September, exactly 53 years after she opened the current Forth Road Bridge:

How lucky we are, as I have said before, to live in such an amazing part of the world.  🙂

18 thoughts on “August in Edinburgh Part 2 – Celebration Time!

    1. …and you’ll be able to see the Hogmanay fireworks first hand this year – apparently, they are planning something even more spectacular than usual to be able to compete with Sydney!!


  1. That is fantastic, such fireworks, such displays. I have seen about this bridge in the news. I know the older Firth of Forth one, but this one looks amazing, even more at night. You are right , you live in a beautiful corner of the world.

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  2. I loved going across the old bridge and seeing the new one rising up! I must get down there and see it now it’s done. And I really love the tattoo, although, it always makes me cry, and I don’t know why! Even when I watch on TV!

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    1. I am completely with you about the Tattoo – there is something so stirring and emotional about those massed bands, and the energy of all the various performances. 🙂


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