The View From Here… (Part Three)

We are on the third and final leg of our wonderful month-long holiday in the Scottish Hebridean islands (see here and here for my brief posts about the first two parts).

After a fascinating time on the Isle of Harris, we came south yesterday via North Uist and Benbecula to South Uist. And what a contrast it is. As you can see from the picture above, it is much flatter. There is a mountainous region to the east of the island (you can just about see the peaks in the distance), but as you can see from the map below, it is low-lying, fertile marshland in the west where we are staying.

We have wonderful access to inlets and estuaries just a short walk from our property. This gives us views all my very favourite kinds of birds – oystercatchers, curlew, lapwing and a host of other waders.

I am looking forward to writing more substantive posts about all of this and our previous adventures. Meanwhile, here is a picture of a very happy Hub taken while we were out birdwatching earlier today. 🙂

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