Splendid Skye Skies and Other Spectacles

“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.”
― William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act 2; scene 4

We spent half of our recent four-week holiday on Scotland’s glorious Isle of Skye. This is an island we know well, having visited many times. We had planned to go back to many of our favourites places, and had it in mind to tick off a couple of new-to-us ones as well. What we did not expect was to find that we loved the location of our holiday cottage so much that we did not need to go anywhere other than the local supermarket to stock up on provisions from time to time.

The cottage’s aspect was amazing. This is not a brilliant photo exposure-wise, but it gives a sense of the wonderful viewing opportunities without even having to leave the sitting area (click any photo to enlarge):

Once outside on the decking, the panoramic views were breathtaking and utterly mesmerising:

We could see the weather rolling in for miles across the glen:

Sometimes we had gorgeously clear weather:

Sometimes it looked like this:

There was always something to look at and be fascinated by, regardless of the time of day. These shots were taken early in the morning (the sight of that low-level mist across the glen shown in the first of this pair of photos was incredible):

And here are some early-evening shots:

Although we had mixed weather, things were never dull. There was always a range of birds and animals to keep an eye on. Hub is a keen wildlife photographer – here he is in action:

He has promised to write a guest post featuring a range of his shots – he just needs to process around 2,000 images first! In the meantime, here is a taste of things to come. We were privileged to see golden and/or white tailed eagles on all but two of the days in this location. Hub was able to get some amazing shots, like this one of a handsome golden eagle:

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
― Gary Snyder

It was very easy to feel totally at home in this place. We very quickly came to think of it as ‘our’ glen. But of course the opposite was true – the glen totally owned us and our hearts, and we did not mind a bit.


23 thoughts on “Splendid Skye Skies and Other Spectacles

  1. I wouldn’t mind being owned by such a place at all. Glad it was such a wonderful place for both of you. Sounds like you may be going back some time (after all there are more than those first 2000 images waiting for Hub out there. 😉 )

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  2. Fabulous! I love how so many of the photos are taken from the same vantage point–it really highlights the weather conditions! You did VERY well with your accommodations on the holiday, didn’t you? I’m looking forward to seeing and sharing much more about the trip!

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  3. Really beautiful and atmospheric photos, Liz, of a truly unspoilt, owned-by-nature place. Wonderful memories for you and a wealth of reasons to return. X

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  4. Oh, Liz! What a marvelous vantage point. Isn’t it interesting that every moment has a uniqueness brought about by a change of wind, a cloud that overshadows, the faint glimmer of an impending sunset. And then there are the winged visitors, the rustling sounds of grass to add drama. I love the Isle of Skye…

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