The Isle of South Uist: total nature immersion

For the final leg of our recent holiday, we were based on the beautiful island of South Uist.

The Outer Hebrides, with South Uist highlighted. From Google Maps

As with our previous holiday properties, we were staying in a gorgeous cottage, with an incredible view. Well done to Hub who made all our bookings.

As we found on the Isle of Skye, changes in the weather meant that this view was always different and interesting. Here it is bathed in mist early one morning:


The Outer Hebrides are famed for their extensive and beautiful beaches. I wrote about this in my post about the Isle of Harris. South Uist and its near-neighbour, North Uist, did not disappoint:


Other parts of the island were equally beautiful. These next shots are taken on the north shore of Loch Eyenort – what perfect autumn weather we had that day:

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The flora and fauna of these islands is dazzling. I was mesmerised by all the incredible textures. This next shot was taken at Balranald, an RSPB reserve. In the foreground, you can see swathes of machair (pronounced ‘mak-ah’). Unique to this part of the world, these beautiful grassland areas were stunning, even in their autumnal colours. I can only imagine how much more spectacular it must all be in May, the main time of year for flowers.

Here are some more examples of those gorgeous textures:

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I particularly loved these drifts of grasses, which seemed to me to mirror the roll of the ocean:


And it wouldn’t be a proper Leaping Life post if I did not include at least one sky photo…


Overall, we had four weeks of absolute bliss on the various Scottish islands. We were only a week on South Uist and felt that we had merely scratched the surface of it. We will definitely return.

I want to thank my lovely Hub for organising the whole thing. What a trip to remember we had. 🙂

Still to come: reflections on being away from home for such a long time; some book reviews (I finished 8 books while we were away!); and a few other holiday-inspired musings. 🙂

23 thoughts on “The Isle of South Uist: total nature immersion

    1. Thanks Kelly – we had mixed weather overall, but that was to be expected over the course of a month. We certainly had our fair share of clear days which was fabulous!

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  1. Your photos seem to get better and better, Liz, and each place seems even more beautiful than the last. I doubt that’s really the case; it’s merely my reaction to seeing each set of pictures. What a wonderful trip you had.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sandra. You are right that each of the three places was fabulous in its own way. South Uist seemed like a particular treat, perhaps because it was our first visit. But the whole area is incredibly beautiful and I am glad we are near enough to go back relatively easily.

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  2. Stunning photos; I enjoyed clicking on them and looking at the details in the enlarged format. Was that your cottage with the stone ‘necklace’ on the thatch? I noticed a wind turbine in one of the photos. Did you see many of those?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mandy! yes, we had that cottage – a beautiful reconstruction of a crofter’s dwelling. There were a number of wind farms dotted around the islands but perhaps not as many as one might have expected.

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      1. Yes, although I suspect latter-day crofters would not recognise the luxury dwelling we stayed in. Apparently, whole families plus their farm animals lived in these small cottages, with mud floors and, of course, no plumbing. It would have been a vastly different experience to the one we had!

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  3. What an amazing holiday you had! These photos make the area really appealing to me–I seem to just crave this sort of wildness. Do you know the blog Big Garden and Croft ( Johnathan and Denise have two holiday rentals and one of them is on South Uist. I love their blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You would love it – hope it is not too long before you are able to visit. Thank you for that link – we tried to visit this garden but they were closed on the day we went. Never mind, we will definitely be heading back to the island as soon as possible! 🙂


  4. Wow, these islands are such nature wise dramatic places. You captured it wonderfully in your photos. The green grass is my favourite in this post, looks so soft how it bends in the wind. Truly a wonderful holiday you had!

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