Beautiful machair: a wonderful yet vulnerable treasure of the Outer Hebrides

I wrote briefly about the treasure that is Machair in my last holiday post about our trip to the Outer Hebrides. Here is a wonderful short video which highlights perfectly the beauty of this landscape.

It is sad to know that such an important ecology is under threat, as is the case with so many different parts of the world. Let’s hope that, through individual action and attention, we can somehow shift the balance in support of these irreplaceable areas.

Hub and I will definitely be returning to the Western Isles and are planning to visit next time in the spring so that we can see the Machair in full bloom. We managed to spot many species of wading birds this time round, but were too late in the year for the corncrake and arctic terns, so are looking forward to catching them when we are next out there. 🙂


Life on the Machair from Eleanor Hamilton on Vimeo.

12 thoughts on “Beautiful machair: a wonderful yet vulnerable treasure of the Outer Hebrides

  1. How beautiful it is! I hope it isn’t too late to save lovely places like this. There have been so many sad stories lately about the effects of climate change, over-use of chemicals by farmers and land owners and the explosion in tourist numbers. I try to be hopeful but it is becoming more and more difficult.

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    1. I love spring, but then I adore autumn… and winter is pretty awesome….lol! I think every season is wonderful – particularly as we turn from one to the other. x

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  2. So beautiful, Liz. One day I shall see it for real. But will it be there for my gandsons to see when they are older? Ways must be found to protect these fragile habitats and the myriad lives they support.

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    1. Thank you Sandra! I very much hope you are able to visit some time. And yes, what a salutary thought that such beauty may not be around for many more generations. So important to do what we can now.

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