Autumn Baking: Nothing Better!

Today I have been doing some impromptu baking. It is ages since I last indulged my love of making cakes and yummy things.

I enjoy cooking proper meals most nights (unless it is Hub’s turn – he is an excellent cook). But there is nothing quite like throwing together a few ingredients which, only a few minutes later, fill the home with warm, comforting, mouth-watering baking smells!

In the picture, you can see on the left Mary Berry’s ‘Bonfire Chocolate Tray Bake’ (yes I know it is a bit early, but hey!), from her book Foolproof Cooking. Like all Mary’s books, this includes some cracking recipes which I can highly recommend.

And on the right is a ‘Whisky Tea Loaf’. So very easy to make, with delicious results. And I can vouch for a slight amendment to the recipe: only one tablespoon of whisky did not seem quite enough to me, so I put in two – YUM!!! 😉

12 thoughts on “Autumn Baking: Nothing Better!

  1. This is a wonderfully delicious post. I have read several articles that most people are choosing to “outsource” their baking. After a long work-day it is so easy just to pop into a local bakery and indulge in their offering without ever having to turn on a stove. Even so, bakeries cannot provide the diversity of a home kitchens. They must target a general market. But our kitchens are a treasure of possibilities. We can experiment with spices, ingredients, flowers. I wish I could beam over, Liz! Hugs coming from across the pond.

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    1. You are so right, as always, Becky. It can be helpful to grab something from a local shop – especially when there are so many lovely deli shops and artisanal bakeries. But so much better, if we can manage it, to create the chemistry and magic in our own kitchens. Sending lots of hugs back to you & yours 🙂 x

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